West LA Veterans Collective Field Trip

Posted by Lizzie Blatt

February 1, 2024

On Friday, September 15, members of The Ebell toured the West Los Angeles Veterans Collective Project.  The visit was arranged and chaired by Ebell members Allison Schallert and Marilyn Wells, founding members of Stories from the Frontline (https://www.storiesfrontline.org/), a group which advocates for the homeless, and for supportive housing. 

CEO Steve Peck.

CEO Steve Peck, who remarkably resembles his father, actor Gregory Peck, showed us around the impressive complex, including a set of apartments designed by Frank Gehry, himself a Veteran, who is providing his firm’s expertise at cost. As Peck explained, “Los Angeles is currently the epicenter of Veteran homelessness in the United States.  Every night, approximately 3,900 men and women who served their country go to bed without a place to call home.” 





The project, which is expected to be completed by late 2024/25 will provide housing for 1,400 veterans, targeting seniors, veterans with disabilities, those with families, and female veterans.  Designed on a therapeutic model, it will be veteran-centered, with peer support. In addition to the residencies, there will be a town hall, market, veteran-owned café, library, medical and mental health services, a community kitchen, arts, athletic and social spaces, vocational training and transit within the community and to surrounding neighborhoods.

The Project already houses a number of veterans, and two of them proudly showed the Ebell group their new apartments.