Hope Gardens Seniors Send Thank You Letter to Ebell Donors

November 22, 2022

Hope Gardens, the Ebell Grantee which serves homeless women and their children, also houses 24 senior women who are allowed to live on the Sylmar-based campus permanently.   In June, Hope Gardens approached The Ebell and asked if Ebell members would be able to donate specific gifts, which had been particularly asked for by each of these 24 senior women, in personally written greetings cards.

So The Ebell did what it always does… it came through! The price of each gift was set at no more than $25, but each gift was to be wrapped attractively and include a personal card from the donor. Gifts ranged from cooking and cleaning products, sheets and towels, to a blender and even a DVD player.

Cheryl Finley sorts out gift boxes for Hope Gardens

This is the Thank You card, which was sent to The Ebell, signed by every lady who received a gift.






We thank all those members who provided gifts and wrapped them so beautifully:

Lorraine Spector
Kathleen Beall
Cynthia Comsky
Jill Comsky
Cheryl Finley
Arden Teplow
Natalie Battersbee
Jane Gilman
Stacy Lewis
Jacquelyn Wallace
Harriet Vallens
Martha Smyser
Christy McAvoy
Paulinda Schimmel
Laurie Schechter
Erica Leapmann
Ginger Barnard
Suz Landay
Anne Lynch
Maria Jimenez
Jackie Bissmeyer
Shannon Mitchell
Jacqueline Krause Fecske
Linda Gamero
Loyce Braun
Juli Frankel