Book Chamber: April Book Choice

from Constance Hornig, Book Chamber Chair

March 31, 2021

Published in 1943, do you remember your mom reading and loving this book?  My mother won it in high school as a prize for Declamation.  It was also one of the most requested Arms Services Editions/books by GIs during WWII.

Join us at 6:30 p.m. on April 20 (the 3rd Tuesday) to rediscover this classic about a young girl growing up in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, close to Manhattan in geography, but far away in lifestyle.

The Chamber is experimenting with a loose annual diversity-calendar, a flavorsome concoction of fiction AND nonfiction every quarter:  narrative, award-winning, and autobiographical history;  contemporary, classical, historical fiction; and a soupçon of plays, poetry, humor, short stories, and murder mysteries (October – Halloween) for seasoning.  Come, search with us for a salmagundi and propose your personal pick.  Hopefully, we will soon meet again in our Grand Library, with its hint of the Jacobean in massive reading tables, the Gilded Age in oil paintings, bronze busts and glass-doored cabinets, the far-East in colorful oriental carpets and gracious ease in French doors opening onto the balcony.  Ah, The Ebell!

P.S. “salmagundi”: hint, I’ve been reading Washington Irving’s best-known (and un-known) works.